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Monday, August 2, 2010

7/13/2010 Casa Hogar para Ninos Esperanza Orphanage Update

We serve God by serving others!
“God has given wonderful blessings to each of us and we are called to give back by doing good works and by serving others in His name. What matters is not how long you live, but how you live. What matters is not the duration of your life, but the donation of your life.” Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life

It has been a great week! Men from the church worked on things that needed fixing at the orphanage. We are fortunate to have men that have skills in plumbing, electricity and other areas and are willing to give their time to serve others.

Children’s Activity Day is still in the planning stage. Karissa Kerekes, daughter of Patricia Kerekes has volunteered time with the ladies that go for activity day. Activity day will consist of children’s games, face painting and sports activities designed not to kill old men.

On Tuesday Cherie and I met with Esther and Rene and went over procedures for what needed to be done, what we could do and what we wanted to accomplish. We addressed apprehension issues on both sides and layed guidelines for a great relationship. We also agreed that, for various reasons, Wednesday was a better delivery day than Sunday.
I have located and downloaded enough cartoons in Spanish to show over a two evening period. (approximately an hour each evening) Using our projector, computer and speakers, we should be able to show the movies on the outside wall of the building and the children can move around and be cool.

TJ has returned to the states for nine days but will be bringing back assorted children’s items when he returns.  Also, Henry is returning to the states tomorrow and will be gone two months. Two of our best handy men are missing in action.

I took three young boys and Rene to the Puerto Morelos beach for an afternoon of swimming and just being boys. The boys had a great afternoon and ate tasty fish tacos before returning to Bonfil. It was extremely good for my soul as well.

The orphanage has requested that if you plan to visit the orphanage, please contact Cherilyn or me in advance so that we can clear it with orphanage management.

This week, we delivered donations of clothes, toys and milk. We now have an accurate count of how much milk is consumed a week. A very gracious Thank You to everyone that pitched in to help this week. Remember milk, tuna and #5 diapers are always welcome. A children’s High Chair is also needed. If you find one when you are cleaning out your bodega, we have a good home for it.

A special thanks to Ryan, Laurie and Henry for all they did this week.


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